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Blake Carpenter is a singer/songwriter/producer, a video editor and sound designer and yes a web and graphic designer too.

I have been a musician almost as long as I have been alive. I started singing when I was just 4 years old, started playing piano at the age of 7 and picked up the guitar at by the time I was 12. Since then I have written, recorded and added my musical abilities and production talents to a multitude of projects including the critically acclaimed Corvus Stone and Coalition as well as my own internationally renowned band The Minstrel’s Ghost and solo works.

In 1999 I began designing websites for local businesses just because I enjoyed creating things with html and flash. This of course aided in creating websites for all my own musical projects and over time I expanded my knowledge and was soon designing websites in .php and .ASP. But The Times They Are A-Changin‘ as Dylan said and flash has all but gone away and simple html websites with some php or ASP code are but childs play.

The future is here and WordPress is in the top drawer of the web developers tool box. With a multitude of themes and plugins and the knowledge of how to customize any WordPress application a web designer like me can take you to a new level of stardom in this great cyber world.

I have been developing and designing WordPress web sites since 2008 and have a great number of clients from musicians, festivals and radio stations to full online communities with member pages and more.

“I aim to please. I love designing and I love being given the opportunity to express more than just my musical art with the rest of the world. I have a saying, DREAM THINGS TRUE, it is the name of the first Minstrel’s Ghost album but it is a sentiment I hold true to my heart. If you can dream it I can make it come true but you have to take me on board and let me come along for the ride to the end of your dream.”

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