Why WordPress?




We want to give you 10 reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website. These are based on not only the opinion of WordPress users, but also on our own opinion as WordPress developers. We’ve been using WordPress as our choice CMS for our clients for just over four years now and our clients have never been happier!
Here’s why we think you should use WordPress for your business website.

#1. Open Source

WordPress is open source – which basically means it’s free to use. Thousands of code writers, developers and all-around amazing people have contributed to its creation and evolution since WordPress launched in 2003. There’s a cost for WordPress typically when you hire a web company to create your own custom theme (look) and features for your website.

#2. Easy Editing

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard over the years from clients was that they wanted a way to edit the content on their business website themselves! They didn’t want to pay for or wait on their webmaster. WordPress solves this with ease! If you can bold text using Wordperfect – you can use WordPress. When you hire DBWEBPRO as your Web Design Company we even offer free training for you. We’ll open up your new business website and teach you step-by-step how to add, edit or remove content.

#3. Easy to Add to

It is simple to add content, features and dynamic widgets to your wordpress website. One simple click can create a new page or post, then by typing your text, adding some images and clicking one button your new page can be added to your site. We even have some clients that keep their website up-to-date from their smart phones!

#4. Dynamic Functionality

Even out of the box, WordPress offers some really powerful functions like: blogging, commenting, dropdown menus and email harvesting. Then with just a few more clicks you can add plugins that bring even more dynamic functionality like: event calendars, slideshows, video galleries, social media feeds and so much more! The skies the limit when you have a web team that can help you dream big, plan intelligently and develop confidently!

#5. SEO Friendly

Organic Search Engine Optimization is something we stress a lot around here at DBWEBPRO. WordPress has several options that allows us to easily help you keep your website out-ranking your competition in the search engine results. There are default features as well as plugins that can help you monitor your analytics and drive traffic!

#6. Google Loves WordPress

Since Google is King of search engines it’s VERY important that Google Loves WordPress – and they do!! In fact, it was love at first sight! Some of the many reasons for their love affair include:

Google loves logical architecture in a website and WordPress is designed logically.
Google loves text based websites – WordPress is text based.
Google loves SEO and WordPress allows you to tend to your SEO as well as dominate your competition.
Google loves mobile-friendly websites – WordPress can be designed as Responsive for all smart devices!
Google loves blogs – WordPress was originally created as the ultimate blogger’s tool!

#7. So do over 75 Million others

WordPress brags that (at the time of this article) there are over 75 Million WordPress websites on the world wide web. And you’d probably be blown away to know that famous names and businesses use WordPress like: The New York Times Company, The Canadian Olympic Committee, BBC America, Harvard Business Review, Georgia State University, About Australia, Best Buy Mobile and many others. Some celebrities that use it include Snoop Dogg, Usain Bolt, The Rolling Stones, Bill Cosby, Katy Perry, The Dave Matthews Band and the list goes on and on… Click here to see the WordPress Showcase and find some names you’ll know.

#8. Great Support

With this many websites out there, you’ll find it VERY easy to have some great support for your questions, concerns or needs. From YouTube channels and the WordPress Codex, to WordPress Experts like us there’s not going to be one problem that can’t be solved or fixed!

#9. Mobile Friendly

Another big concern of our clients has been the ever-changing technology. How can you make a website that works well for any smart device like iPads, laptops, smart phones or tablets? It’s called Responsive Web Design.

#10. Easy to Evolve

The last thing you want to do is invest in a website that’s only going to work in out-dated internet browsers or will only last a few years. WordPress brags that it can handle up to a range of 10,000 pages. So if you’re website is less than that – you’re good to go!! As the years change and your company evolves you’ll be able to have us create new looks (themes) for your website that will keep your business website looking fresh, current and exciting for your customers.


This website you’re reading right now is on WordPress. We practice what we preach! View our website in any smart device too and see how responsive it is!
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