We would like to introduce you to Andrea Garrison. She is an author, a reviewer, a radio host and she is dedicated to promoting the welfare of others.

Andrea is the Author and Producer of The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl (the Book, the CD and the DVD) currently available on amazon.com and createspace.com. In The Presence Of Angels a Swedenborg Foundation Press book by Andrea is currently available in select stores and various online retailers.

Her radio show “Online With Andrea” features a variety of guests and topics. It is a global online journey that provides news, information and covers many issues from health, fitness, body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, the spoken word, the written word, art, music, dance, sports, theater, film, the environment, the planet earth, and beyond. It is a thoughtful uplifting program that focuses on life, on opening hearts, lifting spirits, raising consciousness and creating a greater understanding of the whole universe.

Please pay her a visit, listen to a few shows, make a suggestion and get her books at www.onlinewithandrea.com.